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February 2023

Robert Downes to return to do some practical exercises on anti racist practice

December 2022

Our Anti Racist Practice Group (ARPG) met and discussed the importance of including anti-racist work in our monthly team meetings. We agreed to give the team something to watch/read/listen to at every meeting and then do an exercise around that content. 

November 2022

Discussions on how to keep up to date with anti racist training. Internal and external tasks set for the team meeting.

May 2022

ARPG meet and then provided feedback in the team meeting. In the meeting, we discussed setting up a dedicated page on the website about our anti racist work. 

In the team meeting we discussed our statement of intent and reviewed what we have done so far and what we planned to do next.

April 2022

Robert Downes and Foluke Taylor lead a training day to help us understand how the experience of racism inhabits our bodies and how that impacts practice in the Family Group work and within our organisation.

March 2022

Robert Downes and Foluke Taylor send out material for us to read prior to the training.


We were asked to consider:

What questions do you have for yourself and for your colleagues? What do you need to explore?  Give attention to?  Practice? What are you curious about?  

February 2022

January 2022

At the team meeting we discussed the planned antiracist practice training day with Robert Downes and Foluke Taylor.

June 2021

ARPG meeting to discuss potential training as well as the findings from the race fluency team meeting exercise.

At the team meeting we did a race fluency exercise.

The following useful links were also circulated.

1) Presentations from The Roots of Empathy conference 


2)  Café session where three black fathers talked about their experience of raising children. Lovely, thoughtful guys, with some moments of revelation for this white father.

May 2021

March 2021

ARPG began researching and meeting potential people who could deliver an anti-racist workshop to our team.

February 2021

Team meeting activity looking at 'what we do well' and 'what we could do better'.

December 2020

Anonymous recruiting was introduced to mitigate any bias when hiring. 

June 2020

At the team meeting we discussed how we could ensure we were an anti-racist organisation. The idea of setting up an Anti-Racist Practice Group (ARPG) was discussed and the people were asked to volunteer.

The following resources were shared.

1) UKCP blog - The therapy community must commit to anti-racist practice

2) Embrace Race blog - 20 picture books to support conversations on race

3) Dr Joy Harden-Bradford podcast - Therapy for Black Girls

4) Film clip from  1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets - starring Sir Ben Kingsley

May 2020

George Floyd was murdered.

Our Anti-Racist Practice Timeline

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