Our Schools

We currently run Family Group in the following schools.

If you are a parent of a child at one of the schools below and would like to attend a Family Group, you can contact the relevant school representative listed below or you contact us directly.

Ark Brunel Primary Academy, Ladbroke Grove

School contact: Mr Clegg Butt

Therapist: Mark Griffiths

The Cedars Primary School, Cranford 

School contact: Brooke Cleary and Rochelle McIntyre

Therapist: Susannah Penk

Clarendon Primary School, Hampton

School contact: Vicky Baker

Therapist: Sue Richards-Gray (07786 171183)

Fulham Primary School, Fulham

School contact: Helen Gidley

Therapist: Sue Richards-Gray (07786 171183)

Langford Primary, Fulham

School contact: Kim Cooper

Therapist: Tiwone Mtonga 

Lovelace Primary School, Chessington

School contact: Alison Miller

Therapist: Nicola Carvalho

Old Oak Primary School, East Acton

School contact: Carina Muschett

Therapist: Alice Plosker

Reach Academy Feltham

School contact: Francesca Reid

Therapist: Jane Brinson


Richard Atkins Primary School, Streatham Hill

School contact: Kim Litchmore

Therapist: Pam Marshall (please ask in school to speak to Pam)

Southville Primary School, Feltham

School contact: Tessa Reed

Therapist: Bridget McCabe