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Graduate Group

Graduate Group is here to welcome parents and carers who have graduated from Family Group. Unlike Family Group, we are all adults in this group, no kids!


Your child will have acquired some new skills and strategies and will be using them to enjoy a more fulfilling experience of learning and relating.


Life will continue to be tricky at times and I would like to invite you to join

Graduate Group and continue to enjoy the support of a therapist lead,

families helping families, weekly group.


Family Group parents have an understanding of what you are dealing with.

They “get” the need for a confidential space where we can let off steam,

think about our problems, and even think of ways to do things differently,

perhaps do them better.


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Graduate Group will meet every week in term time, in a community location. It will be private and confidential, just like our school groups. We have a host who is a Family Group parent who will be your regular point of contact. The therapist ( that’s me, Bridget) will be there to lead the theoretical bit that you are all familiar with.  The bit that deals with sustainable change.


Our host parent will be organising some of the activities that interest you, he/she will be looking for your suggestions. They may be pamper/beauty/new skills/natural world/ food projects/ all ideas welcome.


Graduate Group will run for two and a half hours on Wednesday morning from the centre of Feltham.



For more information, you can email Monica:

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