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Behind the smiles, most people find family life a challenge

Is life getting on top of you?

Is your child struggling at home or in school?

Is school not working for your child?

Are you unsure where to turn to next for help?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then Family Group can provide a safe environment to work on your problems.

About Family Group

​Family Group helps children who are struggling at school and supports them to reach their full potential.

In Family Group, parents/carers come into school each week to work together with their children. We talk, play, listen, have fun, and work on change. Families help families, sharing ideas, sorting problems and learning from each other.


Families can come to the group for as long as they want and they find that week by week, little by little, small steps lead to big changes.

​Family Group was set up by The School and Family Works; a team of experienced, fully qualified, practical therapists passionate about helping children and their families.

Family Groups are currently running in 12 schools across Greater London.

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About Family Group

Thoughts on Family Group


I joined Family Group to improve my relationship with my son. Since joining, my son has become more confident, our relationship has improved and he is happier in school. 


What’s made it work?  Telling people what our problems are instead of leaving them behind and making it worse.  You tell someone what your problems are and they get solved.  We help other people by telling them stuff they can do.  You learn about yourself.


I cannot express well enough in words how much good it has done me, sharing wisdom, companionship, experiences, strategies, grief, fears and laughs in such a close, open, honest, nurturing and safe environment.

Thoughts on Family Group
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